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Design Fails

12 Hilarious Design Fails

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12 hilarious design fails are so bad that you won’t believe your eyes. As a designer I’m actually quite impressed they got away with it. In some of the fails, I’m pretty certain the designer didn’t mean it as a fail and knew full well what there were doing. Design fails are important as it shows that good designers deserve more credit than they get. If you don’t want to look silly, a good designer is worth the money!

Design Fail #1 – Tesco buttermilk 🥴

Design Fail #2 – Starsucks

Design Fail #3 – For a special…aunt :/

Design Fail #4 – thank god!

Design Fail #5 – Who signed off on this?

Design Fail #6 – Teacher: alright, alright i’m calling tech support

Design Fail #7 – Can I get a floss and a happy ending.

Design Fail #8 – well this is terrifying.

Design Fail #9 – I need me some dick bricks.

Design Fail #10 – what kind of therapy is this?

Design Fail #11 – think they meant click 😀

Design Fail #12 – Milan where missed this one.

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