Top 10 Design Memes This Week.


We have created a list of our top 10 design memes this week.

From making the logo bigger to after-effects killing our laptop or struggling with clients to following up for late payments, typography changes, and Photoshop crashing, these Top 10 Design Memes This Week will give you something to laugh about and let's face it who doesn't need a laugh right now 


When you download a PNG, but it's just a JPEG

PNG is a JPG

After Effects Design Meme

After Effects Design Meme



Internet Explorer Design Meme



Designers are 1% talent and 99% coffee


Shop Designers humor now



The designer vs the client

The only date I get design meme


The creative process meme


What did you study design meme



I remember when I was a kid MSPaint meme


Illustrator has unexpectedly quit meme


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